Meal Time

Meal time

Made with less sugar! ” but you would never know it.

Meal Time: It’s our residents’ favorite time of the day!

Good food is one thing we have to look forward to.  And we enjoy the challenge of cooking for large groups.  Blending foods and spices, celebrating seasonal events and setting a pretty table are one of the fun sides of hospitality.  To meet our resident’s needs, we combine Sheryl’s years of experience in the kitchen with a licensed dietitian with 20 years experience preparing menus for assisted living homes of all sizes.  Our residents are assured nutritionally balanced and tasty meals while remaining within the bounds of any special dietary constraints.  Celebrating seasonally fresh foods and holidays add fun and variety to our meal times.  Our menus are homemade, focusing on nutrient dense foods and healthy choices.  We want our meal times to be an opportunity for our residents and staff to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.  Meal times are often the best time of our day, seniors who were alone and isolated before they came to us have found this to be one of the best perks of living  in our home.