Frequently Asked Questions

What type of visiting hours should I expect?

Families are encouraged to drop in and visit as much as possible. We do have preferred hours between the hours of 9am-9pm in order to have a relatively quiet atmosphere during normal sleep hours. We do not require families to call ahead or make appointments for visits. An exception to this would be if they are planning on taking a resident off the premises. In this case, we like to know so we can make sure we have everything ready for the resident to leave the facility in a comfortable fashion.

Do you offer 24/7 care?

Yes, we do have night staff, in addition, we use call buttons and bed alarms for those who need extra precautions around night time care.

Does my loved one have any flexibility in how their schedule is during the day and night?

Yes, within reason. We allow our residents to wake on their own time and have breakfast.  Generally, this is between the hours of 8-10. The exception to this would be a resident that has nights and days mixed up and who tends to function better with a routine schedule. Breakfasts are usually simple fare and we find our residents do best if they wake on their own. When I’m 90 if I want to sleep in till 9:00 I feel like I should be able to. This being said our normal time for our other meals is 12:00 for lunch and 5:15 for dinner. We stick pretty close to these times. Beyond this schedule, we work in the care needs of each resident specific to their care plans. Most of our residents are in bed by 9:30 pm. If a resident has low care needs and are more independent they have a lot more flexibility in their schedules, otherwise, the caregivers do have regular routines they work by in order to meet all six resident’s needs.

Do you accept Medicaid?

The answer to this is yes, on a case by case basis. We can only have two Medicaid residents at a time so we do track carefully where each resident is in regards to the spending down of their funds. An ideal client (however not a requirement) for us is one who has at least two years of private funds and who will not need to transition for approximately two years. It is our desired intent that when someone moves into Green Meadows Care Home that we will be able to keep them here even after they run out of funds and transition to Medicaid. Because this is our intent we work closely with families and residents to know each resident’s needs in this area and consider these on a case by case basis.

What is your spend down policy?

(Spend down is the term used to explain when a person’s private funds run out and when they will convert to Medicaid)

We require a 90-day notice of when private funds will run out and a resident needs to transition to Medicaid.  In addition, when we have completed a cost evaluation and moved to a signed contract we do require a written statement of how long a person’s private funds will last before they transition to Medicaid. This is based on our agreed-upon cost. This includes an estimated date and year of transition.

What is the cost?

Our cost begins at $4,500.00 per month and goes up based on the level of care and room chosen. We have an assessment sheet that is very good at approximating what a rate will be at each level of care. So we encourage families to start with this to see if we fall within the range they expect to pay. Our experience has been we are neither the lowest or the highest cost but fall within the medium price range of homes that offer our type of care. Each resident is required to have a qualified assessment in which will help us finalize cost based on care needs.

Will you work with people through to Hospice?

Yes, absolutely.  We have a very good reputation with the hospice agencies and are willing to work with hospice residents. We would probably make a recommendation to work with Community Home Health and Hospice as our preferred provider for this service. However, we have and do work with others.